Featured Softwares

INTEGRA not only is equipped with most up-to-date hardware, but also has developed software inside the company to achieve the most effective operational tools and the highest quality production.
The main Softwares developed by INTEGRA are the following:

FIBRE© is the most important software developed by prof. Marco Petrangeli; it calculates the non-linear domain for steel structures, reinforced concrete and post-tensioned concrete. Indicated either for static or dynamics analyses, it was used by the company for the modeling of buildings and civil engineering works. All the most innovative software contents have been published on national and international scientific journals. It's to consider that on particular topics such as track-structure interaction, the software allows non-linear static and dynamic analysis considering the effects due to resonance and seismic actions.

PRECO© is used for calculating prestressed structures. It calculates the actions that the post-tensioning strand transfers to the structure, considering the losses due to friction and defletion of the anchorage (it is possible to select the type of tendons, with one or two ends).

CABLE© configures the geometry of struts and arches. It is a software that calculates the funicular forces on the stay or the ark considering self-weights and loads (whether distributed or concentrated).