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INTEGRA was founded in 2001 by a group of professionals with diverse yet complementary backgrounds in Civil Engineering, Land Planning and Large Infrastructure sectors.

INTEGRA has a corporate constitution that blends an almost Anglo-Saxon partnership model within a traditional business framework. This ensures a strong integration between owners and management who take responsibility for decision making as well as prompt and quality production.

INTEGRA uses cutting edge hardware, software and digital telecommunication equipment. Based in a prestigious studio located in the centre of Rome, the company is just a short distance from the main institutional Clients of the Infrastructure sector.

During the first years of activity, the company has rapidly reached a prominent position in planning and designing important infrastructure works that are currently in progress in Italy. The Railway European Corridor 5, Torino-Milano and Milano-Verona High Capacity railways, and the road infrastructures under the Legge Obiettivo (Italian law n. 443/2001) are just a few examples of our work.