Restoration represents one of the most important interventions in the building heritage sector. Italy, in particular, offers increasingly fewer opportunities to construct new buildings while the restoration of existing buildings is now understood to be not only financially beneficial but also a historical and cultural duty.
Interventions on building heritage over the last years have run parallel to those in the infrastructural sector. Bridges and viaducts, often of great artistic prestige, undergo more mechanical action than building works and are therefore more prone to quicker and more considerable deterioration. For works of reinforced concrete, it must be considered that at the time of construction the knowledge of this new material was limited and so today problems of durability can occur. Due to these considerations and the experience earned in the sector of bridges, structural architecture and steel structures, INTEGRA and associated INTEGRA Architettura, have internally set up a new sector called R CUBE.

RCUBE has three main operational activities:
REINFORCEMENT as the structural component of the operation;
REHABILITATION of elements that do not satisfy performance requirements either for duration or for new user needs;
RESTORATION of the architectural heritage of a building whether for its artistic, monumental, historical or cultural value.

RCUBE team works under the scientific direction of Prof. Marco Petrangeli (bridges and large span structures) and Prof. Alberto Viskovic (cultural heritage, masonry).