Our Team

Company Chart

The composition of INTEGRA's staff mirrors the company's talent for multidisciplinary integration. Actually INTEGRA's team is formed by engineers, architects, geologists and technical and administrative operators. Such a varied team has enabled us to create five sectors of activity with various operative units. Each sector has its team lead, a role currently assigned to a company member, and a key technical designer who is meaningful experienced in the specific sector. These two figures are assisted, compatibly with the continuous demand for flexibility in the productive process, by other technical designers. Administrative consultants and newly university graduates complete the staff structure. The structural engineering sector, the largest sector of the company, can rely on three operative units. The Linear Infrastructures sector and the Geotechnical and Hydrological sector complete the staff structure.
The company has grown over the years thanks to continuous staff training. This has been possible because all the activities and the various planning phases are performed in the studio itself, where the whole experience of the partners is involved at all stages of the project process. The challenge for the future is to encourage operational interchange to create an appropriate space internally for professional growth of the young and excellent professionals within the company. Their CVs, brief and extensive, are available on the links of this page.