Land Engineering

The Land Engineering sector includes Geology, Geotechnics and Hydraulics. One of the aims of INTEGRA has been to integrate the activities of Geology and Geotechnics within the structure of planning and design.
Such an integration permits the optimisation of planning and design procedures as the main decisions (choice of layout, identification of type of structure and foundation) can already be made in the preliminary phase of the project.

The activities in the field are carried out by applied geologists with experience in the sector of great engineering works, assisted by hydraulic and geotechnical engineers. Geotechnical modelling is carried out in full collaboration between applied geologists and geotechnical engineers in order to converge geological models and geotechnical frameworks of calculation.

The Hydraulic sector deals with Hydrology, Territorial Management and Planning, River and Platform Hydraulics. It studies and, in particular elaborates, aspects relating to the insertion of large infrastructures on territory, studying the interference with the drainage patterns by means of simulations with numerical models.
This sector also deals with the drainage of contaminated sites; purification systems; monitoring and prevention of hydro-geological disorders; stabilisation and recovery of landslide areas; planning, designing and re-naturalisation of quarries and dumps.

Massimo Pietrantoni (applied geologist and geotechnical engineer) is responsible for the Geology and Geotechnics sector.
The Hydraulic sector is supervised by Mauro Priante.